Jimmie Rodgers  -  the Freud!

I know that Thomas and my first open letter to Jimmie Rodgers and Michael Chaney did upset many of Jimmie's fans, some because they thought that we were lying and some because it was so hard for them to believe that their hero from the past could behave the way we have stated.
It was also hard for Thomas and myself to understand that the man we have put in thousand and thousand of working hours for turn out to be a deciever and just using us.
So after spending five years of my life together with Thomas working for Jimmie Rodgers, producing and designing his original official website, CD's, DVD's and finally Jimmie's book "Dancing On The Moon" Jimmie and his gang behind our back set up a new website in U.S.A. stealing everything that we had done, from the CD's, DVD's to the book.
Even printing the book in America and selling it without our permission.
The manuscript is Jimmie's of course but the book, the original and the design is mine and Thomas.
So go to Jimmie's new website to see if they are selling the book, if they do they sell stolen properties.
Jimmie never put up a dollar for anything but he stoled everything we done.
I expect from a person who claim so hard that he is a believer to have higher standard and not break the rules like stealing and decieving people.
If You don't think this is the truth then look into the items You bought from the website, look into the book and see who designand who produce it.
I lost a lot of money and so did Thomas (well over 25.000 U.S dollar) but the great loss was losing the faith in a man we so believed in for years.
I enclose Jimmie's handwritten dedication to me so no one can say that I'm lying in this letter.
We spent thousands and thousands of hours working for nothing and Jimmie just stole five years of work from us.
In my opinion Jimmie has treaten Thomas and myself the same ruthless way manager and recording companies once treated him.
I withdraw all the rights for Jimmie to use my design and original of any productand that includes the book "Dancing on the Moon", all the CD's and DVD's.
People I have talked to and who loved Jimmie as a singer are chocked and devistated by the fact I have revealed and everything I have stated in this letter I can proof
I wonder how many people would be interested to see a movie based upon the book "Dancing on the Moon" about a former singer that was treated badly by record companies and ruthless managers but later the same singer treat people the same ruthless way.

How much credibility is there then left for this man?
Anders Söderlund and Thomas Höggren
Former business partner to Jimmie Rodgers and the designer and producer of his Official first Website/Webshop, all his CD’s, DVD’s and his book ”Dancing On The Moon”€.

The second open letter to Jimmie Rodgers and Michael Chaney

Jimmie Rodgers, the deceiver!